Nothing brings people together more than cooking together.
Iron Chef
Learn to work as a team in this fun cook-off. Our chefs will challenge your teams in a timed cooking battle built around a specific theme and a few ingredients. We’ll wrap up with a delicious meal shared around a family table.
Chef’s Table
Join Chef Jim Weaver for a seasonal dinner created on a whim based on the best products of the season. These dinners are designed to be not pretentious, but delicious and fun. They're a great way to break bread with family, friends, and colleagues!
Wine Tasting 
Our wine tasting events are your personal tours to the best wine regions of the world. We have tasted thousands of wines—good and bad—to choose the select few that make it into our wine cellar and tastings. The wine tasting is completed with a small plate tasting menu.
Cooking Classes
Nothing builds teams more than cooking together and sharing a meal. We offer cooking workshops for corporate team building, bridal showers, girls’ lunch out, and any occasion to do something special with friends and colleagues.
Play for Success
Discover improvisational techniques as a rapid, fun, and effective way to transform teamwork, creativity, communication, and innovation in the workplace. Jody Wood, a professional actress who has helped teams in Fortune 500 companies transform the way they collaborate. She will train your team to think on their feet as they adjust to today’s rapidly changing business world.
Please email or call 609-452-1515 for details.